2013 Airplane Raffle List

Here is a list of all of the airplane raffles I can find for 2013. Good luck!

Edit: Check out the Updated 2014 Raffle List here

Organization Plane Max Entries Drawing Date Cost
 1940 Air Terminal Museum  1969 Cherokee 140  2,500  7/20/13 $50
 Winged Warriors  1964 Cessna 210D  2,500  7/4/13  $50
 Wing of Hope  1958 Cessna 172  3,000  When Sold Out  $50
Alaska Airmen 2007 Aviat Husky 8,500 5/5/13 $50
Dakota Museum 1947 Luscombe 8E 2,500 8/18/13 $50
Luscombe Endowment Luscombe 8A 1,500 Late 2013 $100

Update: Winged Warriors is no longer raffling the Cessna 210. Instead they are offering a cash prize. See details here.


The Year in Review – 2012

Every year around this time I see plenty of ‘year in review’ segments on television and online. So I got the idea to make a post chronicling what in the world I did with my private pilot’s license this year. Regrettably I rarely updated this blog this year. For the most part I think that is because I haven’t done many interesting trips this year. I can’t imagine a post about me flying 20mi away to get a burger would be very interesting so I just don’t write about it. Instead I will try to summarize anything notable that took place here in one post.

  • I flew a total of 38 hours
  • My first twin engine
  • Checked off some more NJ Airports. Only EWR and TEB left!
  • Flew down the Hudson River Corridor 6 times, once at night
  • Flew the night before Thanksgiving and saw the lines of planes coming into the big three airports
  • Took up several first time flyers, more family & friends.
  • And of course ate many hamburgers

Overall it was a great year. Like most pilots I wish I could have flown more but hey it is what it is. I am still lucky to be in the position in life to fly and enjoy every second of it.


NJ Airport Adventure Quest – Update

As I mentioned in an earlier post my current goal is to land at every public-use paved airport in New Jersey.  I have been making steady progress on the list for my last few flights. As of this post I am more than halfway through. Assuming the list is correct there are 37 paved airports in the state. I have completed a full landing at 21 airports so far. With less than half left to go I decided I should update you a bit with a pireps and pictures I took along the way.

Hackettstown N05 – While there wasn’t much to say about the airport itself I decided to take the plane up to 10,000ft for the first time. There was a wicked wind aloft that made for some impressive ground speeds for a little 172.

Millville MIV – Dubbed ‘America’s First Defense Airport’ Millville is a former military base that is now a public use airport. Checkout this page for more on the history of the base. While I was there I saw a huge Chinook helicopter practicing landings and hovering.

Cape May WWD – Formerly known as Naval Air Station Wildwood. Cape May airport has a museum on the field and the Flight Deck diner. We ate a the diner and can report it was good and had fairly typical prices for your typical NJ diner.

Solberg-Hunterdon N51 – Spotted the MetLife blimp while I was here. I think it was in town for the Barclays golf tournament.

Monmouth BLM – This airport has active skydiving. I learned that while you should never over fly the field during jumping you can continue to land. There were several planes in the pattern ahead and behind me all while chutes came gliding down. Pretty cool.