The Year in Review – 2012

Every year around this time I see plenty of ‘year in review’ segments on television and online. So I got the idea to make a post chronicling what in the world I did with my private pilot’s license this year. Regrettably I rarely updated this blog this year. For the most part I think that is because I haven’t done many interesting trips this year. I can’t imagine a post about me flying 20mi away to get a burger would be very interesting so I just don’t write about it. Instead I will try to summarize anything notable that took place here in one post.

  • I flew a total of 38 hours
  • My first twin engine
  • Checked off some more NJ Airports. Only EWR and TEB left!
  • Flew down the Hudson River Corridor 6 times, once at night
  • Flew the night before Thanksgiving and saw the lines of planes coming into the big three airports
  • Took up several first time flyers, more family & friends.
  • And of course ate many hamburgers

Overall it was a great year. Like most pilots I wish I could have flown more but hey it is what it is. I am still lucky to be in the position in life to fly and enjoy every second of it.


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