2013 Airplane Raffle List

Here is a list of all of the airplane raffles I can find for 2013. Good luck!

Edit: Check out the Updated 2014 Raffle List here

Organization Plane Max Entries Drawing Date Cost
 1940 Air Terminal Museum  1969 Cherokee 140  2,500  7/20/13 $50
 Winged Warriors  1964 Cessna 210D  2,500  7/4/13  $50
 Wing of Hope  1958 Cessna 172  3,000  When Sold Out  $50
Alaska Airmen 2007 Aviat Husky 8,500 5/5/13 $50
Dakota Museum 1947 Luscombe 8E 2,500 8/18/13 $50
Luscombe Endowment Luscombe 8A 1,500 Late 2013 $100

Update: Winged Warriors is no longer raffling the Cessna 210. Instead they are offering a cash prize. See details here.



  1. Thanks for your efforts in compiling this list…you are saving people a lot of time and duplication. Rod

  2. Winged warriors did not pay for airplane for the new raffle it is a scam just like the last one jason bounced 2 checks on this deal

    1. That is disappointing to hear. Could you shed some more light on what you know about the current raffle?

    2. Plane has not been sold or donated to winged warriors at this time, it is for sale at this time, i would check with the owner of aircraft before anyone shells out the money look at the last raffle that airplane was pulled also wonder why

  3. Hi
    This list is getting dated…the 1940 Air Terminal has a new (old) 172 now, Winged Warriors has a Beech 24 Sierra. As of October 22, 2013. Winged Warriors was difficult to check on now I see they are in Lake Havasu. If anyone knows about them please post.
    Thank you

  4. winged warriors is in los angeles not in havasu, plane is in havasu but is not affiliated with winged warriors. winged warriors has not purchased nor has plane been donated to them you should call jason at winged warriors and ask him what the situation is then contact the registered owners and get the real story

  5. can someone shed more light as to winged warriors plan raffle? they were nice to take my money and i would like to know if this is a cash raffle now and how i can get a hold of someone.
    Frank C

    1. Frank,
      I don’t have any first hand knowledge of the organization or situation. Maybe try messaging someone in here:

  6. Purchased 5 tickets. No announcement about who/where the Beech Sierra airplane’s ‘winner’ was. Despite repeated queries, no responses from e-mail to [email protected]; no responses from voice mail left at [email protected]; website is inactive and states that ‘Our site is being redesigned and updated.

  7. I have a sad feeling Winged Warriors is a scam. They are unregistered in the State of California and have received multiple letters from the Dept of Justice there about conducting a raffle while unregistered.

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