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I was recently searching for a list of flying clubs in my area and found a few websites. Most of the websites had old outdated information and a bunch of dead links. One of the most useful I have found is by They maintain a list of non-profit clubs across the country. My only problem with this site was lack of control over the listings. Changing a listing requires emailing myfbo and waiting for the change to be made. The site also lacks searching ability and detailed info on each club.

So in my spare time I decided to construct a free to use website for listing non-profit flying clubs across the country. It is in its infancy right now and to be honest pretty slow, but the basic premise is there. Anyone can create a listing and edit it. I then check the listing for errors or bad links and approve the changes. It also shows how many planes the club has and some information on the club. Check it out sometime and let me know what you think. I will be improving it as soon as I have some spare time.

UPDATE: As a result of the successful AOPA Flying Club initiative I have decided to spend my time on other things and have shut this site down. Please go here if you are looking for flying clubs.

New Jersey Airport Adventure Quest

As most local pilots know there is more to New Jersey than the guidos at the Jersey Shore. This state is home to many public use general aviation airports. In an effort to learn more about flying and to hone my skills I have decided to land at every paved airport in NJ. This is including Newark Liberty which should be quite exciting (and expensive). Now this is no small task considering there are more than 35 paved airports. I estimate (given my current net worth) this project will take many many many years to complete.

In searching for a good list of airports with all the details associated with them I came across a great site called OurAirports. You can download a single file with all of the airports in the United States and many abroad in a single file. You can parse them from there.

Updated: 6/23/2012

NJ Airport Checklist
Alexandria    N85
Andover Aeroflex    12N
Atlantic City    ACY
Blairstown Airport    1N7
Camden County Airport    19N
Central Jersey Regional    47N
Cape May County Airport    WWD
Cross Keys    17N
Essex County Airport    CDW
Eagle’s Nest Airport    31E
Flying W Airport    N14
Greenwood Lake Airport    4N1
Hackettstown Airport    N05
Hammonton Municipal Airport    N81
Lakewood Airport    N12
Lincoln Park Airport    N07
Linden Airport    LDJ
Millville Municipal Airport    MIV
Monmouth Executive Airport    BLM
Morristown Municipal Airport    MMU
Newark Liberty Airport    EWR
Newton Airport    3N5
Ocean City Municipal Airport    26N
Old Bridge Airport    3N6
Princeton Airport    39N
Red Lion Airport    N73
Robert J. Miller Air Park    MJX
Sky Manor Airport    N40
Somerset Airport    SMQ
Solberg Hunterdon Airport    N51
South Jersey Regional Airport    VAY
Spitfire Aerodrome    7N7
Sussex Airport    FWN
Teterboro Airport    TEB
Trenton Mercer Airport    TTN
Trenton Robbinsville Airport    N87
Woodbine Municipal Airport    OBI

This Is Your Pilot Speaking

I did it! On February the 15th 2010 I became a certified Private Pilot. After a few spot on lessons with my instructor he signed me off for the practical exam. I called the examiner and set a date about two weeks in the future. My instructor gave me the name of the examiner but if you are unsure you can use the FAA search tool to find someone local. I was lucky enough to get the one day of the entire week where the winds never went above 8kts. The visibility and ceiling were basically unlimited. The actual oral and flying took about 3hrs and went off without a hitch. I will try to write more about the actual ride in another post.

Now my mission has changed. While I will always be a student of flying in one way or another I can approach flying differently. I can find new airports and places to explore. Best of all I can now share my flying with family and friends. Well those who dare at least.