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I was recently searching for a list of flying clubs in my area and found a few websites. Most of the websites had old outdated information and a bunch of dead links. One of the most useful I have found is by They maintain a list of non-profit clubs across the country. My only problem with this site was lack of control over the listings. Changing a listing requires emailing myfbo and waiting for the change to be made. The site also lacks searching ability and detailed info on each club.

So in my spare time I decided to construct a free to use website for listing non-profit flying clubs across the country. It is in its infancy right now and to be honest pretty slow, but the basic premise is there. Anyone can create a listing and edit it. I then check the listing for errors or bad links and approve the changes. It also shows how many planes the club has and some information on the club. Check it out sometime and let me know what you think. I will be improving it as soon as I have some spare time.

UPDATE: As a result of the successful AOPA Flying Club initiative I have decided to spend my time on other things and have shut this site down. Please go here if you are looking for flying clubs.


  1. I’m very exciting reading above. We are planning to create an aeroclub in Costa Rica, Central América. Then, I kindly request you for the following matter:
    1) A description of an tipical aeroclub organization structure. General aviation but LSA too.
    2) An example of the operating procedures the aeroclubs mantain.

    Thank you. Cordially,
    Francisco Casasa
    [email protected]

    1. I do not have any of that information right on hand. But you have given me a good idea. I will write up the process to forming a club and see if I can find basic operating rules etc and post all of those instructions on the website. I will notify you when I do. Thanks!

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