2022 Airplane Raffle List

Every year I put together a list of airplane raffles, this year is no exception. This list will be updated as new raffles are announced. I am not including sweepstakes type contests just traditional raffles. This is a crowd sourced list and it is on you to determine the legitimacy of each raffle. Good luck!

AeroCareers’45 Ercoupe 415-C$50Drawing 6/1/22
Alaska AirmenCarbon Cub FX-3$65Drawing 5/8/22
American Flight Museum’47 NA Navion$55Drawing 6/6/22
Dakota Territory Museum’45 J-3 Cub$50Drawing 8/13/22
EAA Chapter 72’22 Rans S-19$100Drawing 12/17/22
EAA Museum’46 Piper J3C$100Drawing 7/31/22
Ernie Hall Museum ’48 Cessna 170$50Drawing 8/7/22
Flying Wings of Louisiana1st & 2nd Place-Cessna 150’s$100Drawing 10/22/22
Flight Club 502’69 Cessna 150$50Drawing 3/17/22
Mass Air & Space 70 Thurston Amphib $65Drawing 6/30/23
Oklahoma Airmen’76 Grumman AA1B$50Drawing 9/17/22
Ranger AirfieldRestored J-3 Cub$50Drawing 6/30/22
Ron Alexander YouthCessna 150 Aerobat$50Closes 12/31/22
Wings of Hope’78 Piper Archer II$100Starts 4/1/22 Sells out fast!
Wings for Humanity’61 Piper Colt$50
Wings of the North’48 Bonanza $50Drawing 9/10/22

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  1. Hi Pat happy new year.
    I think last years Wings for Humanity raffle for the 61 Piper Colt is still going. Their site shows that they have sold 675 out of 3000 tickets. There is no end date. They could probably use the publicity on this years list.

  2. Hello Pat. On the Flying Wings raffle you give the raffle date listed as closes. At first look people might think the drawing is closed. I understand the date shows otherwise but it could be misconstrued that way. Could you please change the word to drawing like all the others not sure why it is posted differently. Thanks again for all your hard work keeping this site updated.

  3. Hello Pat. Flight Club 502 already had their raffle. I assume the winner is known. But their web site is silent on the subject, and they don’t answer their emails. I am just curious; I thought raffles were happy to announce their winners.

    1. Turns out their Facebook page has a video of the drawing procedure, and a stream-of-consciousness transcription of the audio. Summarizing:

      .. Andrew Howe has just won the Bose headsets and garbanwatch…

      Second prize. .. Clubhouse box for the Kentucky Oaks and Derby… the winner is Doug Bucky from Prescott, Arkansas.

      …for our final prize, the grand prize of our precious bumblebee our 1969 Cessna 150. … Airwald from Erie, Pennsylvania.

      Just FYI

  4. This same thing came up last year with another raffle. It was a very nice Cessna 172 with previous damage. In that case the airplane had been repaired back to spec, upgraded and then flown for many years. That was a really nice plane and I wish I had won it.

    Same goes for this Archer II from Wings of Hope. There is nothing nefarious here. This incident apparently happened almost 4 decades ago. From the pics and info on their site, it looks like someone not only repaired the plane back to spec but also spared little expense in upgrading it. I have tickets for this raffle and knowing it has previous damage history doesn’t bother me at all.

    My final comment is on Wings of Hope. This has to be the coolest charity on the list. Their mission is just wonderful. Anyone who purchased tickets for this raffle please don’t regret it. If you win it you will own one of the nicest Piper Archers out there. And if you don’t your money is going to a really great cause.

  5. There’s a new raffle that just started in MN with the Wings of the North Museum at KFCM. They lost their museum lease and they are trying to raise money with a 1948 Bonanza V-35. I saw the plane myself and it’s clean (even if it’s got old avionics).

    weblink: https://wotn.org/sweepstakes/

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