2021 Airplane Raffle List

Every year I put together a list of airplane raffles, this year is no exception. This list will be updated as new raffles are announced. I am not including sweepstakes type contests just traditional raffles. This is a crowd sourced list and it is on you to determine the legitimacy of each raffle. Good luck!

1940 Air Terminal Museum’58 Champion 7FC$50Drawing 9/18/21
American Flight Museum’80 Piper PA-28$55Sold Out
Dakota Territory Museum’45 J-3 Cub$50Drawing 8/14/21
EAA Museum Raffle 1C&D Replica PA-18$100
ECOPA’72 Grumman$75Drawing 7/17/21
Ernie Hall Museum’48 Cessna 140$40Entries Close 10/21/21
Flight Club 502’46 Piper PA-12$75Entries Close 9/10/21
LaPorte Aero Club’72 Cessna 172M$50Drawing 8/15/21
Mass Air & Space’70 Thurston Amphib$65Drawing 6/30/23
Oklahoma Airmen’40 Aeronca TC-65$50Drawing 11/18/21
Ranger Airfield’76 Cessna 150M$50Drawing 5/8/21
Ron Alexander Youth’38 Aeronca Chief$50Entries Close 11/2/21
Swift Museum30k LyCon-20k cash$50Drawing 10/2/21
Texas Barnstorming MuseumVans RV-12$100Drawing 10/1/21
Western Aeroplane Museum’46 J-3 Cub$100Drawing 9/11/21
Wings for Humanity’61 Piper Colt$50
Wings of Hope’79 Piper Warrior$75Sold out
Wings of Hope’70 Cessna 172K$75Starts 9/15/21
Wings of the North’41 Piper J-5$50Drawing 9/18/21

2022 Raffles

Alaska AirmenCarbon Cub FX-3$65Drawing 5/8/2022
American Flight Museum’47 NA Navion$55Drawing 6/6/2022
Flying Wings of Louisiana1st & 2nd Place-Cessna 150’s$100Closes 10/22/2022

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  1. We would like to add a raffle to your list. The LaPorte airport is doing this raffle to replace an annual pancake breakfast. Our official start is April 1 and the drawing will be held on August 15 during the last day of a B17 visit to LaPorte. The web site is laporteacraffle.com We have links to the Aero Club and airport sites on this page.
    Thank you for this list.
    Raffle committee.

  2. It looks like American Flight Museum has pulled the Cessna 172H raffle and the link is dead. I suspect it had to do with the questionable engine history on that airplane and I applaud them for doing this.

    They are now raffling a very pretty 1980 Piper Warrior II with 68 hours SMOH. The new link is:

    I am not sure what they are doing about those of us who had purchased tickets for the Cessna but I suspect they will let us know

    1. Do you know if there was ever a resolution for those of us that purchased tickets for the Cessna? I was never notified or contacted? Thanks!

    2. Yes they got back to me. Here is what they said:

      “Any tickets you purchased for the Cessna 172H will keep the same ticket number and be valid in the [new] drawing. If you would prefer a refund for the tickets you have purchased please let me (American Flight Museum) know and I can process a refund for you.”

  3. The plane in the La Porte aero club is not registered to them, I am always suspicious of such things, and could easily be incorrect but, I did look for the N number online. ???

    1. Space- thanks for letting me know. One of their members reached out to me to be put on the list. I can only attest to the fact that the communication appeared legit to me, but I am no Columbo. You could try reaching out to them directly to verify things club website

    2. I’m no Columbo either. But N333AE has the same serial number. And the web has a dramatic photo of an inverted Skyhawk resting on a taxiway in Iowa. NTSB report says it got blown over by high winds; substantial damage; no injuries.

    3. really great detective work; yeah as others have said about this in the comments here, as long as it was repaired to spec and has lots of hours since then (which it appears to be), I am not concerned as this situation is not uncommon. I just wish they did a little better paint job with the new N-number lol, but I guess I can use some of the $20K for repainting 🙂

    1. I wouldn’t feel too bad about buying that ticket. I wish LaPorte would have been more forthcoming about the damage history but it does look like the damage has been long repaired and the plane comes with $20,000.

      I was upset too but man for a $60 ticket I would still feel pretty good about winning it.

      And special props to JEH (aka Columbo) for some damn fine investigative work.

    2. I agree with Ben on this one. My club has purchased planes with significant damage before, as long as it has been repaired to specification and has since accrued 100’s if not 1,000’s of hours then I don’t personally see what there is to worry about. But of course everyone has their own view on this one.

      Annnd most of all we are talking about $60! You can win the plane and just sell it off, pay some taxes and still make a good chunk of change.

    3. LaPorte Aero should have been more transparent about the 172M that they are raffling off. Changing the N registration number to hide the accident/incident is devious. I did buy a few tickets before finding out the history of this aircraft. Had I know about the incident, I would have Not purchased the tickets.

    4. The records are a little confusing but it looks like the N number change was done by John Byrdak way back when the damage happened. I don’t think LaPorte had anything to do with that.

      Now…could LaPorte have included this in their raffle promotion? I guess but if your the one writing the promotion for your charity raffle, that’s a tricky little detail to work in. If you entered a raffle for a classic car your probably not going to see anything about that cars damage history in the raffle promotion. At least LaPorte posted the serial # for all to Google. That doesn’t mean they get a total pass on this but “devious” might be a little strong.

      Now that I’ve had time to chew on this I honestly consider this raffle to be one of the best on the list due to the $20000 cash that comes with it. Yes it was damaged 13 years ago but we’ve talked about that. Not having to come up with $10K-15K in taxes to collect your prize is huge.

  4. It would be interesting to see how the taxes are handled on these raffle prizes. Federal and state income taxes, possibly along with sales tax would be owed based on the value reported on the prize. I wonder if the organization has to issue a Form 1099 or W-2G establishing the taxable value of the prize. Would there be some requirement to pay the income tax (or 25%) before claiming the prize or would the winner just pay all those taxes on their Federal, state and local 1040 forms at tax time. It seems like these taxes would end up costing about 1/3 the value of the prize.

    1. Noncash Prizes: For noncash prizes, the winner must pay the organization 25% of the fair market value of the prize minus the amount of the wager. Example 3: Jason purchased a $1 ticket for a raffle conducted by X, an exempt organization. On October 31, 2004, the drawing was held and Jason won a car worth $10,000 (fair market value). Because the prize exceeds $5,000 and the fair market value of the car is $10,000, the tax on the fair market value of the prize is $2,499.75 [($10,000 minus $1 ticket cost) x 25%)]. Jason must pay $2,499.75 to X to remit to the IRS on his (Jason’s) behalf. X would indicate the fair market value of the prize ($10,000) in box 1 and the amount of the withholding tax paid ($2,499.75) in box 2 on Form W-2G.

  5. Partial Wings of Hope results posted. Supposedly only 5,000 tickets sold, and I don’t math good, but maybe someone can help explain how there are 16,520 sequential numbers between the first and second prize winners?

    Grand Prize: #537964400621

    Second Prize: #537964384101

    Third Prize: Pending*

    Fourth Prize: Pending*

    Not sure there is any wrong-doing here, but this sure looks fishy to me.

  6. I reached out to WoH and here’s the explanation they provided:

    The raffle ticket numbers you receive are your transaction number, followed by the number of tickets you purchased. For example, if you bought one ticket and your number was this:


    What it literally is, the transaction number followed by the number of tickets purchased. It helps to insert a hyphen like this: #75757575757-1.

    Using the same example, three tickets are sold, they would look like this:








    Using the same example, 10 or more tickets are sold, they would look like this:




    In previous raffles, we simply sold tickets consecutively, however we would encounter technical issues during high traffic times.

    1. I just read their site again. It looks like the drawing is 30 days after they close, so being that they close today 6/30/21 I would expect the raffle then. There is also a phone number on the site if you have questions. This is just my interpretation I have no connection to that org.

    2. Hello Pat could you please remove closed on the raffle post. People are able to purchase tickets at this time. Thank you!

    3. I dont know why the Raffle Creator site for the Raffle for Vets is still active but the raffle is definitely over. The website says “We have a winner…” and it clearly states that it ended on June 30th.

  7. Pat,
    I have some new information on upcoming raffles

    The Massachusetts Air and Space Museum is raffling off a amphibious 1970 Thurston Teal Airplane (N501ME), Tickets are $65, and the raffle starts on 07-23-2021 | END DATE: 06-30-2023 more info found here https://massairspace.ourraffle.org/?fbclid=IwAR3UB8jfNBvZwcB5PoO0nIODvyY8sgjj_mkWlbNWVzi5TfdFJdgWfZJX8NE

    Flying Wings of Louisiana has announced they will be raffling a 1970 Cessna 150L (6515G) in 2022, details “coming soon”

  8. According to email to ticket purchasers the Oklahoma Airmen ’40 Aeronca TC-65 was raffled off on Sept.11. That is earlier than the date listed in the table.

    1. Jim thanks for the info. Many raffles will draw earlier if they sell out earlier. For example this one said:

      If the maximum number of tickets are sold prior to September 11th 2021, the Committee, in its sole discretion, may end the raffle at an earlier date.

  9. Hello Pat thanks you so much for posting the Flying Wings raffle. However, could you please change the raffle date to read drawing date instead of closes date. At first glance people might think it’s closed. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

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