2023 Airplane Raffle List

Every year I put together a list of airplane raffles, this year is no exception. This list will be updated as new raffles are announced. I am not including sweepstakes type contests just traditional raffles. This is a crowd sourced list and it is on you to determine the legitimacy of each raffle. Good luck!

AeroCareers’46 J-3 Cub$50Drawing 7/4/23
Alaska AirmenCarbon Cub FX-2$65Drawing 5/7/23
American Flight Museum2011 162 Skycatcher$55Closes 6/6/23
Dakota Territory Museum’41 Interstate Cadet$50Drawing 8/19/23
Falcon Aviation2018 Vans RV-12$100Closes 9/8/23
Mass Air & Space 70 Thurston Amphib $65Drawing 7/12/23
Tailwind Waymakers’22 Viper SD4 LSA or $150k$100Closes 5/4/23
Wings of Hope’63 Cessna 182$100Starts 3/1/23
Wings for Humanity’61 Piper Colt$50

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  1. Americam Flight Museum Cessna Skycatcher raffle is scheduled for Friday March 3, 2023 @ 2PM CST and will be live on their Facebook page. They will also be showcasing a Beechcraft Musketeer that will be their next raffle aircraft.

    1. The American Flight Museum Cessna 162 raffle has ended but they have a 1968 Beechcraft 19A Musketeer now up for raffle.
      The Tailwind Waymakers raffle has also changed the drawing date to TBD/when 6,000 tickets have been sold.

  2. The Wings of Hope 63′ Model Cessna 182 tickets have sold out as of today, I guess.
    Drawing will be May 1st.

  3. I got the following email from https://www.wings4humanity.org/ concerning their raffle, which finally has a drawing date:

    “Get ready! The Raffle of Hope drawing will be held on the 12th of April, 2023! The last day for ticket purchase is the 5th of April at 11:59 pm, Eastern time.

    While 3,000 tickets have always been our goal, we had no idea this would take so long. Other well-known aviation organizations frequently hold raffles with 2,000 tickets or more and sell out in a matter of days. Two years was never our intent, and as we reach that two-year mark in late March, we apologize to you for the lengthy process and wait we’ve made you endure and commend you for your patience. Please know that while this was our first time doing a raffle, it will also be our last. Therefore, if you like what we do at Wings For Humanity, don’t hesitate to become involved or become monthly supporters of our worldwide humanitarian services to those in need. “

  4. Any reports on Tailwind Waymakers? Seems they are unlikely to meet their ticket sales goals: 38 days to go, 270 tickets sold, out of 6000 target. Nifty airplane and all, but the math is off here.

    1. I have not bought any tickets because this is just not passing the sniff test. If you are wanting a long shot at a nifty airplane for probably a similar investment, Flying Magazine is giving away an Icon A5 or a Tecnam Astore (https://www.flyingmag.com/giveaway/). Tailwind Waymakers has changed their target from a minimum of 5k and max of 10k to a flat 6k (https://web.archive.org/web/20221129203449/https://rafflecreator.com/pages/62816/2022-tomarkaero-viper-sd4-lsa-or-$150k). TW is at least registered as a 503(c)(3) even if that information does not appear on their website. (https://apps.irs.gov/pub/epostcard/dl/FinalLetter_88-3251594_TAILWINDWAYMAKERS_09232022_00.tif).

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