2023 Airplane Raffle List

Every year I put together a list of airplane raffles, this year is no exception. This list will be updated as new raffles are announced. I am not including sweepstakes type contests just traditional raffles. This is a crowd sourced list and it is on you to determine the legitimacy of each raffle. Good luck!

AeroCareers’46 J-3 Cub$50Drawing 7/4/23
Alaska AirmenCarbon Cub FX-2$65Drawing 5/7/23
American Flight Museum2011 162 Skycatcher$55Closes 6/6/23
American Flight Museum’68 Beech Musketeer$55Drawing 4/6/24
Dakota Territory Museum’41 Interstate Cadet$50Drawing 8/19/23
Ernie Hall’47 Piper PA-12$50Closes 9/14/23
Falcon Aviation2018 Vans RV-12$100Closes 9/8/23
Flight Club 502’75 Grumman AA1B$50Closes 5/26/23
Flight Club 502’74 Cessna 150L$50Drawing 11/11/23
Flying Wings of Louisiana(2) Cessna 150’s$100Closes 5/17/24
Future Pilots Fund’62 Piper PA-28 + $31k$100Extended to 9/15/23
Mass Air & Space 70 Thurston Amphib $65Drawing 7/12/23
Oklahoma Airmen2017 Experimental Cub$50Closes 11/3/23
Swift Museum Foundation30k Engine OR 20k Cash$50Closes 9/30/23
Ranger Airfield Foundation’65 Cessna 150F$50Closes 12/21/23
Texas Barnstorming Museum’41 J-3 Cub$50Closes 5/12/24
Wings of Hope’63 Cessna 182$100Starts 3/1/23
Wings of Hope’64 Cessna 172$100Starts 9/1/23
Wings of the North’48 Bonanza 35$50Drawing 9/9/23
Wings for Humanity’61 Piper Colt$50

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  1. Americam Flight Museum Cessna Skycatcher raffle is scheduled for Friday March 3, 2023 @ 2PM CST and will be live on their Facebook page. They will also be showcasing a Beechcraft Musketeer that will be their next raffle aircraft.

    1. The American Flight Museum Cessna 162 raffle has ended but they have a 1968 Beechcraft 19A Musketeer now up for raffle.
      The Tailwind Waymakers raffle has also changed the drawing date to TBD/when 6,000 tickets have been sold.

  2. The Wings of Hope 63′ Model Cessna 182 tickets have sold out as of today, I guess.
    Drawing will be May 1st.

  3. I got the following email from https://www.wings4humanity.org/ concerning their raffle, which finally has a drawing date:

    “Get ready! The Raffle of Hope drawing will be held on the 12th of April, 2023! The last day for ticket purchase is the 5th of April at 11:59 pm, Eastern time.

    While 3,000 tickets have always been our goal, we had no idea this would take so long. Other well-known aviation organizations frequently hold raffles with 2,000 tickets or more and sell out in a matter of days. Two years was never our intent, and as we reach that two-year mark in late March, we apologize to you for the lengthy process and wait we’ve made you endure and commend you for your patience. Please know that while this was our first time doing a raffle, it will also be our last. Therefore, if you like what we do at Wings For Humanity, don’t hesitate to become involved or become monthly supporters of our worldwide humanitarian services to those in need. “

    1. So what was the final count of tickets sold? As I brought a few and really want the sprit gods to make me a winner! Just trying to figure out how to hanger this beauty. PS you should do another raffle just in case I don’t win. Just let a PR organization handle the raffle next time around.

  4. Any reports on Tailwind Waymakers? Seems they are unlikely to meet their ticket sales goals: 38 days to go, 270 tickets sold, out of 6000 target. Nifty airplane and all, but the math is off here.

    1. I have not bought any tickets because this is just not passing the sniff test. If you are wanting a long shot at a nifty airplane for probably a similar investment, Flying Magazine is giving away an Icon A5 or a Tecnam Astore (https://www.flyingmag.com/giveaway/). Tailwind Waymakers has changed their target from a minimum of 5k and max of 10k to a flat 6k (https://web.archive.org/web/20221129203449/https://rafflecreator.com/pages/62816/2022-tomarkaero-viper-sd4-lsa-or-$150k). TW is at least registered as a 503(c)(3) even if that information does not appear on their website. (https://apps.irs.gov/pub/epostcard/dl/FinalLetter_88-3251594_TAILWINDWAYMAKERS_09232022_00.tif).

    2. We had a huge delay with the factory build of our Viper. It was supposed to be completed August 2022 and delivered September 2022. She just made it to Miami this month and we are taking possession this week. We are way behind our goal and the giveaway date is to be determined as soon as we hit the 6000. It should really speed up now that the plane is here and we will be putting out videos of the plane. This beauty is worth the wait. Thank you all for your patience and support.

  5. Wings of the North have announced that their previous winner chose the cash so they’re raffling off the Bonanza again!

  6. From the Oklahoma airmen:

    Raffle Plane Announcement

    This past weekend, we officially launched our 2023 raffle plane, and ticket sales are far outpacing last year. It’s no surprise why, this airplane is smoking hot. A few highlights:

    2017 Experimental Cub
    100Hp O-200 Engine
    Electric generator for starter and avionics
    Currently less than 100hrs TT and SMOH
    Solo from front or back seat
    Meets LSA requirements

    Get more info about the airplane we’re giving away, by going to our raffle page: winthisplane.com.

    This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Oklahoma Airmen Flying Club

    1. Thank you for pointing this out. We had no idea the manufacturer did this. This is the nicest plane they have ever built and they want to show it off to get more orders. N374EA is not and has never been for sale. It was special ordered for Tailwind Waymakers to GIVEAWAY.

  7. I tried to enter the Tailwind Waymakers raffle and the little wheel just kept spinning and spinning and never processed. I think there may be an issue with the raffle link website???

  8. I want to start by expressing my gratitude for all who are supporting us whether as a financial Support Member or by sharing your ideas to help our GIVEAWAY be even better. There are plenty of neigh sayers and negative people trying to hender our positie impact. THANK YOU for being positive and helping us be better as we start this New Aviation Non-Profit, Tailwind Waymakers. Yes, several things have changed and we are learning and growing. Number one, don’t start until we have the GIVEAWAY PLANE. Had no idea when we were told we will have the plane by a certain date that that date can change by over 7 months. She is finally in Miami and will be delivered to it’s hanger in Bloomington IL next week. The max 10k was removed because it was obvious we weren’t hitting even the minimum in the time frame stated. It was one of your suggestions that led us to add $50k CASH to the Grand Prize Plane GIVEAWAY to help with taxes. We also added $50k in Scholarships. To make this happen we raised the minimum form 5000 up to 6000. The GIVEAWAY date changed to be determined (TBD) when minimum 6000 is met. We want this to happen as fast as yall do because delaying hurts our credibility and future GIVEAWAYS. Thank you Pat for having this website with all these plane Giveaways in one place. We support them all. Thank you all for your patience and support and not bad mouthing our attempts to build something Great to Help Many.
    Clear skies, tailwinds and positive attitudes!

  9. I don’t understand why more of these organizations don’t offer the withholding tax as part of the grand prize. They would sell a ton more tickets! The J3 for example… 4000 tickets at $50 each is $200k. You would think they could also pony up the $12k tax due to the winner of the plane?

    1. James,

      My Name is Joseph Ord, and I am one of the directors of Future Pilots Fund. We are a new Missouri based 501c3. My wife and I run a flight school, flypiston.com, and in this adventure we are seeing a need for more funding for aviation scholarships (not just pilots, but A&P ATC etc.). Do not worry, none of the funds raised will not be directed towards our flight school. We have formed an independent selection committee, and none of the directors of the 501c3 sit on it.

      I am happy to answer any concerns you may have, we hope to make this raffle very successful quickly.

  10. James,

    I am the Vice President of Operations of the Future Pilots Fund. This is a Legit raffle. We are a new Missouri Based 501c3. This is our first raffle, and are looking to kick off with a Bang! The Net Proceeds will be donated to Aviation Educational Organizations. We have posted our Certificate of Good Standing on the Raffle Page.
    I hope you choose to support us.

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the clarification! Flypiston did come up in my research, definitely happy to support!

  11. Well y’all called it. It looks like the “Tailwind Waymakers” post was a scam. I’m glad I only bought one ticket. I just received an email stating that, “ legal counsel informed us that the giveaway concept is unfortunately premature for this new Not For Profit.” The email has a dead link to “enter your address” to receive a mail-in check.

  12. Future Pilot Fund has extended for another 30 days or until all tickets have been sold. In addition, the raffle will be extended until all 2,500 tickets have been sold, according to their rules.

  13. Hi everyone!!

    I wanted to personally provide an update on the Future Pilots Fund Raffle. The raffle will be held this upcoming Monday, January 15th, 2024. We have sold enough tickets to hold the raffle. There are currently approximately 550 tickets left, so if you see this please consider buying another or your first ticket for the raffle.

    This raffle did take a lot longer than we originally anticipated. Not to mention it was much more expensive to run than originally anticipated. We have raised almost $200,000.00

    Rather than extend again we have decided the credibility of holding the raffle and announcing a winner, will be more beneficial to the cause.

    We will be holding another Airplane raffle starting in May this year. We hope the success of this raffle will translate into better results on future raffles.

    Thank you to Pat and all the supporters on this page in helping us make this 1st raffle of ours successful!!

    For the Love of Flight
    Joe Ord

    1. David, yes I typically wait until end of January once I have enough tabulated. I also move all the emails who signed up for notifications over as well.

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