Kye Wehrell and His RV-6A

Recently I was perusing the forums and came across a great video. It features a man named Kye who built a Van’s RV-6A. It does an excellent job of capturing the “why we fly” message in addition to taking you on a flight in his beautiful plane. I hope to build my own RV one day and thought this video was worth sharing.


  1. Pat,

    I am so glad that you enjoyed the video that my sister made of her first flight in “About Time”. As you noted, it was a special day for me as well as it allowed me to reflect on what the plane and flying really means to me. So nice to see your posting. Hope you get that RV built.

  2. I enjoyed this blog for two reasons: first, I’ve seen Key Wehrell’s YouTube video a few dozen times. It has some ineffable magic to it that draws me back to it. I have an RV6A so I can relate to what he says about “once you drive through this gate…”. Second, there is a comment about Rinker Buck, the author of “Flight of Passage” in the next box. That makes me smile. I read that book the year it came out and was totally mesmerized by it. I bought a copy for my friend, Jim Dallas, who read it with great interest as well. That summer we were early to get to AirVenture when we saw a gentleman in the evening looking at the early arrivals in the commercial area. I told Jim, “That’s Rinker Buck” and Jim disagreed. So, as two Kansas hayseeds, we followed him. Close behind I said, “You know, Jim, the problem with all these Stearman here is they don’t have the old waterbags on them like the originals.” Rinker Buck turned around immediately and said, “What do you know about waterbags?” Jim and I instantly laughed. It was a sure way to confirm that WAS Rinker Buck. We spent the next two hours with him and it was so awesome.

    Kye’s comments almost sound like paragraphs from Richard Bach’s, “Stranger to the Ground.” Kye is that “in-tune” to flying. One feels a great kinsmanship to a stranger when they experience the same unusual emotions. It’s fun to run in to others at air shows and fly-ins who have that same excited feeling that is so deep and not easily explained.

    Kudos to Kye! It’s a great video!

    Mike Shuck
    Wichita, Kansas

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