First Solo!

After thinking I was in a landing rut it finally all worked out. During my last few lessons I finally put it all together and have become more consistent with my landings. This morning I went up with the instructor and we did three touch and go’s. After that he told me to pull over to the ramp near the tower. He signed my log book and then instructed me to do three more touch and go’s then to taxi back to the ramp.

I was nervous for a split second right before I called ground control. As soon as I keyed up though I focused on the task at hand and the nerves all went away. It was definitely an odd feeling not have my instructor there by my side. The ceiling was a bit low but the winds were calm, still a nice day to fly.

2008 McGuire AFB Air Show Pictures

During the summer of 2008 I went to my first large air show. It was in a military base in southern New Jersey called McGuire’s air force base. The show itself is free and the crowds were huge. It was an excellent show with many different planes. Unfortunately they decided not to have a 2009 air show due to budget problems. I found these pictures while organizing some files the other day. Enjoy!

Caldwell Essex County Airport

I fly out of Essex County Airport CDW. It is a towered airport located approximately 10mi north west of Teterboro TEB. It is under the outer ring of the New York class bravo airspace. There are two other nearby airports Lincoln Park N07 and Morristown MMU.

Despite having a tower it is a pretty quiet airport. On the weekends it does have its fair share of students doing pattern work. This is because there are three different flight schools located on the field. Recently a large FBO named MacDan went bankrupt so there is only one company that handles fuel and service. It also had a flight school that has been taken over by RGI Aviation.