Dual Night Cross Country – Allentown

Caldwell CDW to Allentown ABE via Broadway VOR BWZ

The other night I flew a dual cross country to Allentown, PA. This flight was pretty straight forward and the weather was perfectly clear. We departed Caldwell and requested flight following to Allentown. Then I tracked the Broadway VOR to and from to get to Allentown. This was my first class charlie airport so the communication was a bit different. What made it easier is that flight following automatically handed us off to Allentown approach control. Then we announced our intentions and were handed off to the tower. The tower gave us runway 24 and we entered the pattern. The landing was no problem we made the first turn off and then taxied back to take off again. We did the same thing on the way back. Flying at night is very cool but it does make it a bit harder to find an airport in a city area. I learned that knowing what the beacon looks like and its timing makes it easier to find later on.

Enroute Charts at SkyVector.com

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