Review – David Clark H10-13.4

The green headset has arrived. After passing my checkride I decided to get myself a present. I went with a brand new headset the  David Clark H10-13.4. I needed another set anyway so I could use my existing Lightspeed Solo SSc’s for passengers. The headset arrived in a simple box with the headset and the green shirt clip.

At first glance the construction of the headset is superb. In comparison to the Lightspeed’s it feels much stronger and better built (keep in mind it is twice the price). The head pad is large and comfortable. The ear cushions are large and make a great seal around the ears. They are made of a glossy type of rubber which I think might become a tad annoying with sweat in the summer. Fortunately, DC addresses this problem with the purchase of fabric ear pad covers. I picked mine up from Sporty’s for $8.

Incredibly light-weight and comfortable, the H10-13.4 is David Clark’s lightest headset, weighing in at just 16.5 oz. Super-soft, double-foam head pad, gel-filled ear seals and reduced headband force combine to create one of the most comfortable headsets available. Other features include volume control knob with detents, flexible boom, M-7A amplified electret microphone. All this in a TSO’d headset with an NRR of 23dB. Made in USA. from Sporty’s

In conclusion after 4+ hours of flight I love the headset. While I actually like the Lightspeed’s for their slightly lighter weight and tad better sound proofing, I prefer the David Clark’s. The design of the Lightspeed’s wire continually poked me in the shoulder. Overall the H10-13.4’s are durable, sound great, and fit great. And they should last me quite a while.


  1. I’m just starting to get private pilot lessons.
    Would you recommend I get this one rather than the Pilot USA PA-1161T?

    I tried both at the store but I can’t say I saw amazing differences that warrant a 3X in the price, but I know I probably can’t feel a difference in 5 minutes.

    I’d appreciate your response.

    1. While I have no personal experience with Pilot USA, I suggest to buy the cheaper ones now. Save your money for the lessons. I bought a pair of Lightspeed Solo for about $150 when I started. Then once I got my certificate I bought the David Clark’s and now have the Lightspeeds for my passenger. And you are right about the difference, during lessons you will be so busy learning everything you probably won’t even think about the headset.

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