2016 Airplane Raffle List

Are you feeling lucky? Here is a list of airplane raffles I have found for 2016. This list will be updated as new raffles are announced. I am not including sweepstakes type contests just traditional raffles. Good luck!

1940 Air Terminal Museum – 1957 Cessna 172 – $50 – Drawing 7/16/16
Alaska Airmen – PA-18-150 Super Cub – $60 – Drawing 5/1/16
Big Creek Lodge – 1960 Cessna 172A – Drawing 6/20/16
Dakota Air Territory – 1946 Luscombe 8E – Drawing 8/21/16
Wings of Hope – 1964 Piper Cherokee – $50 – Drawing 6/30/16

UPDATE: Wings of Hope is having a second raffle for 2016. This time for a 1965  Cessna 172F. Drawing is 12/12/16

Note: I am not affiliated with any of these organizations. It is your job to determine the legitimacy of each raffle. 

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  1. I Have had the strongest love, and passion for airplanes since the day I sat at the Sacramento executive airport with my Grandmother and I sat in awe as she pointed to each Plane as they took off, and landed… Just a memory and feeling of pure joy, and love for those, and all aircraft. Since I’ve been young, even just the sight of an airplane, just the sound of a radial engine purring, or the loud hiss of the jets that passed by always made me think. Like I was witnessing a miracle with every one of these magnificent giants that would fly over. Without straying off topic, I will finish by saying, I will never stop dreaming up the impossible, and I will never stop believing that miracles do indeed happen, as everytime one of these mechanical works of pure genius, and art fly over my head I witness yet another. I have always felt that some of the very most important pieces of our lives are the people that we meet, and the relationships that we grow. I love to meet new people, and of course would never turn down a good conversation about some airplanes. I Have a Goal, a goal in which I know that with enough positive energy, positive ideas, and of course positive work, this goal will be met, and this goal, this dream, this work in progress is that I will one day own my own Jet. I have always had this urge to be in the air, and soon, I know I will.

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